Lars Egil Holth, Chief Operating Officer at Genus

Lars is VP Governance & Public Sector, leading our team of experts helping customers and partners become successful with the Genus platform. He is well known to be a go-getter that thrives on challenges and never quits.

Lars joined Genus in 1999 as a software engineer but quickly took on more customer-facing roles as a business engineer and project manager. He has a long history of working with customers within public safety, delivering solutions with strict requirements for collaboration and security.

Lars holds a degree in Computer Science from the University of South-Eastern Norway (USN)

“Genus is unique in so many ways, but to me, the core of Genus is continuous improvement. The platform just keeps getting better year after year, and the applications our customers have built stay modern and up-to-date for generations. Our culture of sustainability and innovation is ubiquitous, reflected both in our technology and in the amazing people who work here.”