Industry challenges

With fierce competition from fintech firms, online banks, and non-financial platform companies, retail banks and financial services firms are working hard to address the new and changing expectations of their customers.

At the core of their strategic agenda is digital innovation and transformation – to streamline operations, increase customer engagement, and introduce new business models. Key initiatives revolve around migration from legacy IT systems while introducing new and emerging technologies. The transformation is no longer only about cost savings but also increased customer loyalty and engagement, employee retention, and profitability. While the industry is progressive in its ambitions for digital adoption, difficulties of updating legacy systems, a lack of collaboration with the IT function, and a shortage of IT resources often stands in way of the desired progress.

How can Genus help?

Genus is a platform that brings speed and agility to banks and financial services firms aiming to step up their digital transformation efforts. With capabilities to efficiently replace legacy systems and integrate process innovations or new applications without introducing new operational risks, Genus becomes a strategic platform in future-oriented enterprise architecture. Genus is the complete application development platform for modernizing your application portfolio and transforming your business while meeting business demands for cost efficiency and speed of delivery.


Deliver enterprise-grade applications 10x faster


Tailor your tools and services to accelerate your organization into the digital age

Reduced costs

Automate and streamline your business processes

Employee empowerment

Give your employees the tools and insight they need to excel

Solving legacy migration with low-code

ODIN Forvaltning is a leading Norwegian fund management company. Being held back by legacy IT, they decided to migrate their unit holder registry to a low-code application with Genus.

The new solution consists of a complete order- and settlement engine, tax reporting service, and reporting channels for all unit holders and distributers.

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