Industry challenges

The energy and utilities industry is changing at a rapid pace, and digital is transforming the way companies create value, serve their customers, manage costs and optimize processes.

The emergence of new energy mixes and disruptive technologies, coupled with expectations of digital user experiences, drive changes in consumer behavior and challenge the way how companies engage with their customers. This new era in the industry also provides opportunities for new business models and revenue streams, proactive customer engagement, value-adding services, IT modernization, and process innovations.

How can Genus help?

Leading energy and utility companies use Genus as a strategic technology platform to accelerate their digital transformation. With capabilities to efficiently replace legacy systems, integrate process innovations or introduce new applications without adding operational risks, Genus becomes a strategic platform in future-oriented enterprise architecture. In an uncertain and changing competitive landscape, Genus brings the agility and speed necessary to innovate, stay competitive, and enable your workforce for the digital age.


Deliver enterprise-grade applications 10x faster


Tailor your tools and services to accelerate your organization into the digital age


Integrate with legacy systems or extend your solution through APIs

Employee empowerment

Give your employees the tools and insight they need to excel both in the field and back-office

Supporting a new venture with low-code

When BW Offshore extended their business into development of proved hydrocarbon reservoirs, they needed an application to support the Joint Interest Billing – efficiently distributing costs between the Joint Venture partners involved in reservoir development.

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