Industry challenges

To insurance providers, digital transformation is an action item on top of a senior leader’s strategic agenda. Most insurers have already started or undertaken core transformation programs, and many have a bold and progressive approach to embrace digital.

Several forces, such as new competitive threats, cost pressures, outdated technology, ever-rising consumer expectations, and regulatory requirements push companies toward change. In addition, the risk of new and unexpected market entrants makes flexibility and innovative capabilities paramount.

How can Genus help?

Genus brings speed and agility to the digital insurer. With capabilities to efficiently integrate process innovations and new applications with legacy systems without introducing new operational risks, Genus becomes a strategic platform in the IT portfolio. Genus provides a complete digital platform for modernizing your application portfolio and help transform your business while meeting business demands for cost efficiency and speed of delivery.


Deliver enterprise-applications 10x faster than traditional programming


Tailor your tools and services to accelerate your organization into the digital age

Reduced cost

Automate and streamline your business processes

Employee empowerment

Give your employees the tools and insights they need to excel

Fighting insurance fraud with low-code

Norwegian insurance companies suffer hundreds of millions NOK in losses each year as a result of payouts in fraudulent insurance claims.

Gjensidige, a leading Nordic insurance group, used Genus and low-code to build a state-of-the-art case management solution for investigation of insurance fraud.

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