Industry challenges

The manufacturing industry is transforming at speed, with Industry 4.0 reinventing how modern manufacturers do business. New and emerging technology such as the Industrial Internet of Things, additive manufacturing and machine learning provides opportunities for new production methods and improved production processes.

Manufacturers are using technology to move from mass production to customized production, to face the changing customer demands shaped by their experience as consumers. Employees are being empowered by access to the information they need, from anywhere, when they need it, and on any device. The high pace of change often results in strained legacy IT systems and overworked IT departments, struggling to adapt to the new business processes and technologies. To realize the potential cost reductions and revenue gains from digital transformation, the software stack needs modernization – and agility and speed is the key to sustainability.

How can Genus help?

Genus helps leading manufacturers tackle increasingly complex operations while improving efficiency. With unbeatable agility and speed, Genus has unique capabilities to efficiently replace or integrate with legacy systems and to integrate process- and system innovations without introducing new operational risks. As a strategic digital platform, Genus helps you on the way to digitally transform your business, develop new business models and offerings, modernize your application landscape, and digitize your core operations.


Deliver enterprise-grade applications 10x faster


Tailor your tools and services to accelerate your organization into the digital age

Reduced costs

Automate and streamline your business processes

Employee empowerment

Give your employees the tools and insight they need to excel

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