Advisory day with John Rymer from Forrester Research

31. October 2019

Throughout the world, companies embrace low-code development platforms as strategic enablers for innovation and digital transformation. Low-code development continues to accelerate – both in terms of developer adoption and use cases.

John Rymer is a vice president and principal analyst in Forrester Research, and is the man who coined the term “low-code” in 2014. He is considered a global authority in the research and evaluation of low-code development platforms, leading Forrester’s AD&D research on both low-code platforms and cloud platforms in general. He has been a leading expert on enterprise application development practices for more than 20 years, and is recognized by Forrester with their prestigious Bill Bluestein Research Award.

Genus is a Norwegian low-code platform with more than 20 years of experience in the field. In order to get a deeper understanding of the global trends affecting the low-code market, Genus hosted an advisory day with John in October 2019.

The intensive day-long advisory session was started with a thought leadership presentation to the entire company, where John presented some of his most recent research results.

John Rymer from Forrester Research introduces himself to Genus
John Rymer from Forrester Research holds a presentation for all employees of Genus.

Throughout the day, John had discussions with Genus’ senior management regarding:

  • State of the low-code development platforms market
  • Competitive landscape and market trends
  • Customer use cases for low-code development platforms
  • Developer personas and the emergence of a role that Genus calls the “business engineer”
  • Genus low-code platform and our competitive strengths
  • … and much more

The advisory day was a great success, and we gained insights affecting our strategy and technology roadmap. We look forward to continue fostering our relationship with Forrester Research and John Rymer.