Genus announces Christophe Birkeland as new CEO

15. October 2020

Genus is delighted to announce the appointment of Christophe Birkeland as its new CEO, effective October 15th 2020. Geir Bergheim, founder of Genus and former CEO, is appointed Chief Product Officer (CPO) and will continue to assist Christophe with a focus on product leadership.

Christophe is a seasoned executive with a track record of leading high-performance teams, most recently as the CEO of Symantec Norway. He is also a highly renowned expert within the Information Security community, with more than 20 years of experience and several publications within the field. Amongst others, he has held the position of Director of NorCERT (the Norwegian Computer Emergency Response Team) – a part of the Norwegian National Security Authority.

Christophe holds a PhD in Physics and a Master’s degree in numerical mathematics from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).

Announcing Christophe’s appointment, Genus Chairman Erik Sandersen said: “Christophe has the experience and background we have sought to lead Genus into the next chapter of growth. We are in a positive trajectory and are well positioned to continue building on this strong momentum. I am pleased that Christophe will lead our company and am excited to work with him and the rest of our management team.

Christophe is the strategic leader we have been looking for,” said Geir Bergheim. “He has a great leadership track record and a breadth of business experience critical to lead Genus and make sure we take the place we deserve in the low-code market. As the founder of Genus, I feel confident in putting the company in the hands of Christophe.

Accepting the position, Christophe said: “I am very proud to be selected by the board of Genus to take on the leadership of the company. Genus consists of a unique team of experts and professionals in modelling and low-code development. The company has more than 20 years of experience with low-code, even though we are still at the beginning of the low-code era. This gives the company a unique position of matured competence in a relatively young market. I am truly excited to be invited on-board and join this great team, and to lead Genus towards continued growth and success.

About Genus

Genus is the most comprehensive low-code application development platform to rapidly build and continuously improve enterprise applications. The platform provides a complete, integrated set of tools to develop, deploy and execute applications, services and business solutions without the need for traditional application programming skills. Genus is available as a cloud or on-premises platform and can integrate with all existing systems as a natural part of your IT landscape.