News: 17 future technologists choose a summer job in low-code

29. June 2022

Every year, many aspiring young professionals apply for summer jobs and internships to get work experience. This summer, 17 students out of 175 applicants will receive their own, real-life projects for customers of Genus. The majority are from NTNU and the rest are from UiO and BI. Together they come from eight different university programs. What they have in common is a desire to solve problems at the intersection of business and technology.

Projects for leading Norwegian companies

This summer, six independent projects will be completed in just five weeks and later used by leading Norwegian companies such as Norconsult and NorgesGruppen. Among others, the projects include the making of:

  • analyses in connection with criminal cases at the Norwegian Police
  • webification of documents at Norconsult
  • checklist management for Kjøpmannshuset stores at NorgesGruppen
  • a new portal for improved order creation at ODIN Forvaltning

The rapid development of these fully functional solutions is enabled by no-code. This technology enables developers to create complete applications using visual development instead of traditional coding.

Additionally, three projects are internal in our R&D department. In these projects, the students will develop the Genus no-code application platform further. The services made they make are guaranteed to be used and power the platform.

The students will work in pairs and are fully responsible for the projects from start to finish. However, when help is needed, they are supervised by experienced business engineers and developers in Genus.

Summer students as a recruitment strategy

The program is renowned among Norwegian students and has been running since 2015. Each year, Genus receives 150-200 applicants. Among the 70 employees in Genus, 17 of these have had a Genus summer job. Every year, many summer students accept permanent employment in Genus when they finish their degree. 

“The summer program is something we are particularly excited and proud of. It’s an opportunity for students to learn about no-code for professionals, our customers get to test creative ways of solving new challenges with Genus and we get to know some of our amazing, future full-time employees.”

Christophe Birkeland, CEO of Genus

15 smiling summer students are sitting around a long table after dinner at a restaurant.
Throughout the summer, the students are invited to join a variety of social events. This is from a self-initiated dinner at Pier 31 during the first week.

Relevant experience and payment

Students are triggered by the experience, not the salary. Their experience provides a better basis for decision-making as to what they want to work with later. As a no-code software developer, you do not spend your time writing code. Instead, you sit closer to the business side of the companies and gain domain expertise.

I became interested in Genus as a company and their summer program because I will have the opportunity to create a real solution for a company. The solution is actually used by the company and they are willing to pay for it. It is not just a “meaningless” project that no one needs.

Olav Loennechen, summer student 2022


The students who will work in Genus this summer come from UiO, BI, and NTNU.