Welcome to the world of mission-critical, core enterprise applications built with low-code!

We know it can be challenging to evaluate low-code platforms. That is why we have designed this guide: to answer the most common questions asked by organizations evaluating Genus.

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What is Genus?

Genus is made to ensure that advanced enterprise applications can be built fast and changed fast. New to Genus, and wondering what Genus and low-code are all about? Start here! 

What can you build?

Not all low-code platforms are made the same. Genus is a low-code platform primarily designed for large-scale, advanced application scenarios. Learn more about what you can build with the Genus platform. 

Developing in Genus

Genus is designed for Business Engineers who want to build advanced enterprise applications without code. Learn how Genus can help you build applications rapidly through visual and model-driven development.

Lifecycle management

Genus is not only about rapid application development, but also sustainable evolution of applications and ease of operations. Learn more about how Genus makes it easy for teams to administrate and operate advanced enterprise applications.

Platform architecture

Genus is a metadata-interpreting, codeless low-code platform. Visit this section to learn about the principles behind the Genus low-code platform, and how the platform enables the creation of mission-critical, core enterprise applications.

Getting started

Are you ready to take the next step and get started with Genus, but not sure where to begin? We’ve got you covered! Visit this section to learn how to take the first steps towards building better and sustainable enterprise applications.