Getting started

Before venturing into new technology, take your time to get to know its capabilities and how it fits your organization.

With Genus, we recommend that you explore one or more of the following steps to advance on the road towards sustainable software.

Book a demo

Need more information about what Genus is? Or how it can be used in your organization? Kickstart your low-code journey with a live demonstration by our experts.

This demonstration is tailored to your needs and interests. Whether you want to learn more about industry-specific solutions, a live demonstration of Genus Studio, or a technical walk-through of our architecture – this is the place to start! We will make sure to answer any questions you have.

Book your demo here!

Try Genus for free

Let your Business Engineers and architects do a test drive of Genus!

We will provide you with a personalized environment for a limited time. The full functionality of Genus will be available, allowing you to explore the platform and ensure that it meets your company’s expectations.

Trials are currently subject to approval. Contact us to request your free trial, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Genus Academy

To become a proficient Business Engineer, we suggest that you invest in professional training. Genus offers a wide range of courses, ranging from beginner training to expert use.

We recommend that you participate in courses “I1 – Introduction to Genus” and “M1 – Visual development in Genus” before venturing into projects for creating production-grade applications. Completion of these courses will give you a Genus Business Engineer certification.

Team Enablement Services

To support customers and partners who want help getting started with low-code, we offer coaching, mentoring, and expert services from our highly skilled and experienced Business Engineers. The goal of these services is to help you become familiar with both technology and methodology by watching and learning from our experts in a real-life project setting.

Contact us for more information about Team Enablement Services.

Contact a partner

Realizing IT applications can be a cumbersome process. Perhaps you have urgent needs, but not the resources to build the necessary applications yourself? Our partners are here to help with startup advice, provide resources to your project, or deliver entire turn-key applications with Genus.

Contact a partner today to get started!