About pricing

Genus offers several options and pricing levels. Get started now with the plan and configuration that best suits your needs.

We believe that a pricing model should reflect the value you gain from the platform. Therefore, the pricing of the Genus platform is based on the number of end-users accessing the apps you have built, not the number of apps or the complexity of these apps. As a bonus, the price per user decreases as the number of users increases, to reward you with additional cost savings as your low-code initiatives grow.

Deployment Options

Genus can be deployed on your own infrastructure or in the cloud of your choice without losing any features of the low-code development platform. The Genus License is a non-perpetual subscription that allows you to deploy Genus applications where you want to, according to your specific needs and requirements.


Genus License

The Genus license gives you access to all the functionality of the Genus platform

  • Unlimited # of applications
  • Price based on the number of end users and system-to-system integrations
  • Entry level includes 30 Professional end user licenses or 150 Standard end user licenses
  • Additional users and integrations added at extra fee
  • Price per user is reduced as the user count is increased



Enterprise Options

Are you looking for a platform to fuel innovation and digital initiatives in your organization?

Genus offers Enterprise Agreement options, with unlimited number of end-users.