Genus is a pioneer in low-code development and has been on the market since 1996. We are determined to help our current and future customers and partners by providing the leading low-code development platform for sustainable enterprise applications.

Boost innovation

The core of digital innovation is to grow or differentiate your organization by bringing new ideas for business models, products, or services to life. However, great business initiatives are too often killed by the requirement for labor-intensive, expensive, time-consuming, and risky programming projects. In addition, the coding itself often shifts the focus away from solving business problems to solving technical problems.

Genus represents the simple low-code way to boost innovation. With Genus, individuals or small teams can experiment, prototype, and deliver apps in days or weeks, without mundane coding requirements slowing them down. Give your company the platform it needs to turn great ideas and initiatives into real applications that your users will love, tailored to your company and supporting your competitive advantages!

Fuel digital transformation

Digital transformation is not about replicating an existing service with a digital form, it’s about leveraging digital technologies to make your company’s services significantly better. Rather than being one large project, digital transformation is an ongoing process of innovation and experimentation, challenging both core and contextual operational methods. Your success with digital transformation depends on a combination of technology, business process improvements, and corporate culture.

To support your digital transformation agenda, Genus is built to drive innovation more swiftly and give you the agility necessary to rapidly explore and exploit new digital initiatives. Dynamic and short iteration cycles with cross-functional teams working in a visual development environment result in active stakeholder involvement, continuous improvement, and culture for digital change.

Build anything from small departmental apps to enterprise-wide core applications, Genus is ready to become your future-proof platform for digital transformation.

Increase development productivity

As companies continue their digital transformation journey, software has become increasingly strategic and pervasive. This pressures IT to build and run software better and faster.

Genus equips your company with a platform to supercharge your delivery capacity of high-quality enterprise applications. Your development teams will focus on solving real business problems rather than time-consuming and error-prone technical details.

With up to 10 times the speed of a traditional development process, your backlogs become less about features and tasks and more about new applications – driving real business impact through technology.

Improve your business agility

The modern company needs a software stack that keeps pace with fast-changing business conditions and responds to digital innovation opportunities. You must adapt your products, services, processes and technologies to meet business demands and increase competitiveness.

Genus is the sustainable low-code platform, built to evolve, scale, and adapt in pace with your business. Genus is not just about the speed of developing new applications, but also the ease of maintaining and changing existing applications.

Genus helps you focus on what matters the most – the business functionality of your application.

Reduced risk and higher ROI

Genus supports almost any enterprise application scenario, and can easily be customized to cater to your unique needs. With built-in security and data integration capabilities, multi-channel support, and a rich library of functional building blocks, you can focus on delivering business functionality rather than solving technical problems. The effect is an increased probability of achieving the intended results.

Using Genus also means fewer bugs, since the low-code platform itself is pre-built and tested before you start modeling your business functionality. The same platform is in use by several companies, meaning that if one company should find a bug – it will rapidly be fixed for everyone.

Leapfrog the IT talent gap

It has become increasingly harder to find qualified IT professionals to meet the demands of modern organizations. Developers, software engineers, and other specialized workers are hard to recruit, keep and replace if they leave.

Genus is a visual and intuitive platform that helps you build powerful applications fast and easily. The platform does not require knowledge of any specific programming languages or technologies, and it requires a minimal amount of training to get started building professional applications.

Genus helps you deal with the IT talent gap in two ways:

First, Genus increases the capacity of your existing application development and delivery (AD&D) team by giving them the tools and techniques they need to build applications more quickly with the resources they already have. With Genus, professional developers will be able to tackle even the most complex challenges.

Second, Genus allows for a new group of talent to participate in the development process – increasing the total capacity of your organization. Genus is so easy to use, that business professionals with the best understanding of the business domain can be empowered to build the applications themselves.