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Whether you’re new to low-code or want to take your skills to the next level, Genus Academy is here to help you on the way!

We offer a range of introductory, intermediate, and advanced instructor-led classroom courses for business- and IT professionals looking to utilize the full potential of the Genus low-code development platform. All courses provide a combination of expert-led sessions and hands-on lab experiences where you will solve business-related challenges using the Genus platform.

I1 – Introduction to Genus

Learn the basic concepts and benefits of developing applications with the Genus low-code development platform.

M1 – Visual development in Genus

This course is an extension of I1 – Introduction to Genus, tailored for the professional who wants to develop low-code applications using Genus.

M2 – Bulding professional applications

Learn to utilize the power of Genus to solve complex challenges and meet tough business- and IT requirements.

A1 – Introduction to Genus Analysis

This course will walk you through Genus Analysis. Learn how to create beautiful visualizations and use powerful tools to analyze your data. 

UXW – Designing user interfaces in Genus Web

This course focuses on designing user-friendly and functional user interfaces for web and mobile devices using Genus Web.

UXD – Designing user interfaces in Genus Desktop

Learn how to design user-friendly, productive and functional user interfaces in Genus Desktop.

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In our highly interactive classroom courses, you will join a small group of fellow Genus professionals on your paths to become low-code business engineers. The classroom courses are held in our modern office location at Lysaker, where you can connect and engage with Genus employees and experience our vibrant and innovative culture.


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