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Being the “heart” of the digital enterprise, modern core operational systems are the keys to innovation and digital initiatives in a fast-changing business environment. However, while the digital transformation of enterprises has significantly improved customer experiences, core operational applications have received little to no attention.

The digital core of enterprises traditionally referred to as the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, is designed to streamline operations and consolidate data from multiple sources across the organization. However, these systems have the reputation of being inflexible, expensive to upgrade, and poorly suited for a modern digital business. Major investments in customer-facing solutions to improve the digital experience have stretched the limits of traditional ERP systems, which have in turn failed to deliver the required speed and flexibility.

As a result, there is a transition towards a new, more flexible alternative of Digital Operations PlatformsGenus is a low-code platform that enables you to build enterprise-grade operational core applications and systems that power the digital experience for both employees, business partners, and customers, allowing the entire enterprise to work as a cohesive whole. The flexible and sustainable platform encourages rapid development and implementation of core enterprise applications – uniquely tailored for your business operations.

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What is a Digital Operations Platform

The Digital Operations Platform (DOP) consists of the core applications or software that are the foundation for your business operations and which are necessary for a digital business. Further, it is an enabler for customer experiences, digital transformation and innovation.

Examples of application categories within the DOP are operations, finance, supply chain, logistics, and billing.

The DOP can be built on a single platform or solution; or be based on a suite of solutions built to work together.

Use cases

Due to the agility and speed of low-code application development, Genus should be considered a natural part of your Digital Operations Platform. Genus can be used to build complete enterprise applications supporting your core operational processes or to support shared services and key functions across business processes – as an integrated part of a suite of solutions. Through the flexible integration capabilities of the platform, you can also combine the business agility gained from Genus with specialized services and applications from other vendors to realize your desired Digital Operations Platform.

Some examples of solutions you can build with Genus are:

Core operational applicationsShared services
Core banking
Fund management operations
Property management operations
Staffing and Human Resource Management
Enterprise Performance Management
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Logistics and supply chain operations
Professional services operations
Tax processing
Asset management
Order management
Contract management

Low-code Digital Operations Platform

When companies are looking for a complete, turn-key solution for their core operations, they are not accepting the truth: There is no completion, only evolution. Your business will evolve, and what is believed to be an optimal process today will be re-engineered and re-worked down the line. Thus, having the flexibility to rapidly change your core operational systems is a competitive advantage for your business. In order to support the ever-growing demands and expectations of your employees, customers, and business partners, you need a future-proof platform that is both flexiblescalable, and powerful.

Embarking on a core modernization project is usually associated with significant financial investment and high risks of business disruption and project failure. However, the risks and costs of maintaining legacy or inflexible ERP systems are often higher.

With Genus and low-code you can effectively reduce the risk and cost of your enterprise core application project. Not only does Genus make your project less expensive and risky than traditional customization of packaged applications, but it also increases the potential upside of your investment by tailoring the application to your unique operations and practices and allowing for automation where you need it. Further, Genus is built for continuous improvement, making maintenance and change management simpler and less costly than traditional approaches. All in an enterprise-ready low-code platform, built for business-critical operational applications.

Reduces cost and risk

Rapid development

Improves business agility

Secure solutions

Open and API-driven

Genus Ikoner Original

Professional analytics and BI

Key enablers

With Genus, you can rapidly and easily build and evolve the core enterprise applications necessary to run and improve your digital business operations. In contrast to most low-code platforms on the market, Genus is engineered to support complex, large-scale, and enterprise-wide solutions – targeting the core of your business. The applications will be tailored for your organization and business processes from the start, with capabilities to explore and exploit improvements through automation and integration with emerging technologies.

Easy integration

Genus is an open and API-driven low-code platform that simplifies integration with other applications and data sources, making it fit naturally into your IT landscape. Your application can consume and expose data through codeless, native support for SOAP web services and REST APIs. In addition, the platform includes connectors to most of the popular RDBMS’, and can easily be extended with dedicated ETL tools.

Support for advanced business logic

Your core operational applications rely on advanced and often tailored business logic. Genus has the power and expressivity to support even the most complex scenarios. Further, the logic is expressed through visual, model-driven development – making it easier for businesspeople to verify or adjust the logic directly in the model.

Security and access management

Core applications often span several organizational constructs, and the rigid security models of traditional packaged applications can be an obstacle to optimal work support. Genus comes with the most comprehensive security functionality of any low-code platform, providing full flexibility in the design of your security model. This allows your organization to take a strategic approach towards information- and process design, and to focus on business outcomes rather than alignment with a predefined security model. Access rights to the application capabilities can be uniquely tailored to your organizational structure as well as individual roles. In addition, conditional security capabilities make it possible to design dynamic security that grants access based on the data in your application.

Performance and scalability

In order to serve as a foundation for your core applications, the performance of a low-code platform is important both from an end-user point of view and a system point of view. The core operational applications must be able to scale to thousands of users, growing amounts of data, an increasing number of business objects, and tight integration with other applications. Genus has abilities to scale both up and out, making it possible to start small and grow the platform with your business.

Enterprise mobility

To support a modern and professional user experience, the functionality of your core applications can be exposed through both progressive web apps (PWA) and through Windows desktop applications. As an example, back-office employees may be empowered through a full-scale powerful Windows desktop application, whereas parts of the data in your application can be made available through a lightweight web application. This enables you to tailor the user experience to the expectations of your organization.

Flexible deployment models

Some industries and solutions require full control over data storage, or they have specific requirements for security and regulatory compliance. With Genus, it is your choice whether you want to deploy your digital operations application in the cloud or on-premises to meet the specific needs of your business. Applications built on our low-code application development platform are portable between any environment.

Process automation capabilities

Genus has powerful built-in rules engine and automation capabilities to support both immediate and continuous improvements of your business processes. Rather than pre-defining and forging all automation in the early design of the system, Genus allows you to learn from real-life use and rapidly optimize the processes best suited for automation. Further, you can push data to or pull data from any other application, system, or data source for integrated automation.

Support for emerging technologies

Complementing your digital operations with emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), Internet of Things (IoT), and robotic process automation (RPA) can improve the user experience and make your employees more productive. However, new and improved technologies arise every day, making it a hard bet to choose which to use. Genus embraces cutting-edge technologies by enabling easy and secure integration with the services you need to complement your application. Rather than offering a limited set of predefined services, Genus fully supports the common technologies used to connect and exchange data and is not limited to specific vendors, service providers, data structures, or use cases. This approach enables you to experiment with new technologies and to substitute them when better alternatives arise.

We are here for the long term

Genus is one of the most mature low-code application development platforms in the market and has been used for business-critical enterprise applications since 1995. Our purpose is to provide a platform for sustainable and long-lasting software, which is achieved by building flexibility and agility into the platform. We take it for granted that all applications built on our platform will change, making it paramount to support the ability to rapidly change and modify both data models, integrations, business and application logic, and user interfaces.

When you build your Digital Operations Platform and core operational applications with Genus, your will receive platform updates to ensure future technological compliance. We always make sure that the platform supports the latest technologies, allowing you to maintain a modern IT infrastructure and minimize your technological debt.

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